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tv   KRON 4 Early News  KRON  March 30, 2011 4:00am-6:00am PDT

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bifurcate >> justine: it morning, top stories, homes aren't threatened by landslides. the roads are blocked, trapping dozens of people. will show you a bird's-eye view of several homes threatening to become victims of this landslide. >> james: two weeks after the earthquake in japan radiation levels have spiked. we'll tell you will workers are trying to do to prevent a meltdown. president or bottom-line considers armen the rebels and libya. the latest coming up. >> live, from the bay area's news station, this is the kron 4 morning news.
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>> justine: did morning, wednesday, march 30th is.. >> james: i came back just in time, did temperatures today and tomorrow. and a big change from last week. >> louisa: absolutely. clear, dry, that warm-up is set to begin today. temperatures warming 10 degrees. we're talking '70s, '80s, setting some records into the afternoon. holding on to this temperature is through the day we had an nine stress . 83 degrees in santa rosa. 80 concord. '70s around the bay. 76 oakland. along the
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coast half moon bay upper 60s. 69 degrees. san jose's 78. 79 morgan hill. very, comfortable weather today. satellite, radar showing activity to the northwest we're watching our bridge really start to build than. those temperatures will really grab hold of us we will stay warm red on through friday. as we head toward saturday we have the next chance of showers. more dry weather after that. current temperatures are are ready on the warm side 54 for san francisco, santa rosa 50, oakland, hayward. the amount you topping every around 53. save for san
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jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay.. what it shows us is warm weather. lookit that warm stretch warming up even more by tomorrow mid '80s. certainly record-breaking territory we will continue with warm weather friday. big drop in temperatures by saturday it will not last long temperatures start to rebound. >> erica: for those of you just getting on at the door no hot spots or delays. if you're heading over to the bay bridge westbound 80 looks good. traffic moving good. leading lights are off, no problems getting to that bridge excellent drive times of 18 minutes. san mateo bridge, westbound 92 traffic very cagey. lots of space. traffic approaching
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foster city, bright lights and east bound into hayward we do not have any overnight construction drive time of just 13 minutes. there is a problem spot westbound highway 4, a california highway patrol is reporting there's debris in their roadway, spot possible structural damage. certainly be aware that not seeing any accidents or slowing. this could certainly be a hot spot later on. >> justine: santa clara county road crews are still in the process of removing a massive mudslide that brought down its bigotry, and they're now threatening to fall on homes. they fell across the two-lane road that shut down completely. it happened sunday it's still a problem this morning. many people are still stuck inside their homes. >> reporter: since sunday
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santa clara county has removed 80 truck loads of this mud slide blocking both planes. it was so strong it struck dozens of trees from their trucks. most ended up on the road. 80 residents are being impacted some are able to leave by using a side road but they must have a four-wheel drive vehicle. this is the first time she's left her house and the road closed. >> this is the biggest on the pad. it has taken both planes, and on the other side if you are to try and walk around it drops down 50 ft.. there's really no way around it. all the residents have no electricity. we have a generator, we're rationing gas from the generator. >> reporter: they're working as fast as they can to remove this mountain of mud,
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rocks, trees. they could only use one loader due to limited space. crews can only worked during the day, the hillside is too unstable. >> we don't have too much room. we're worried about stuff coming off. we have to spot the person who's moving material of. it's a hundred feet up to the top, we've pulled out 80 truckloads of far. another 200 to go. >> reporter: it will take another two days to continue moving all that debris. morgan hill, reggie kumar, kron4 news >> james: . eight homes below eight sliding hillside remain in danger crews installed barricades' yesterday. preparing for worst-case scenario. residents were evacuated. four homes have been damaged. last night there
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was a local state of emergency in effort to receive disaster aid. >> reporter: the council voted to declare a state of emergency opening the door for government help. so far there are four homes red tagged the city has agreed to demolish those homes eventually when they make sure it won't create more damage. the longer-term problem of that help that is the responsibility of the homeowners' association the city says it will cause significant money to fix. >> justine: barry bonds perjury trial, former oakland a's and current first baseman was on the stand testifying about his syracuse. he along with his brother took the stand yesterday they said they took steroids given to him
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by bonds his trainer. prosecutors and seeking to use that testimony to show that anderson had access to such dread. --such drugs. >> james: the latest in libya, the uprise, native takes over the mission today, this is president-- this as president obama offers new options to help rebels. >> reporter: >> i'm not ruling it out, or end. >> reporter: president obama is considering arming rebels. mr. obama told nbc news he's confident the leaders will step down. >> our expectation is that as we continue to apply strictly pressure to these other means that gaddafi will ultimately step down.
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>> reporter: senator john mccain believes he should be forced down. >> the united states wrestling remain strongly engaged enforce gaddafi to leave power. >> reporter: a classified briefing today for congress getting from hillary clinton she met with coalition partners on tuesday in london. >> i believe we're making a lot of progress together, we could not do it unless were representing international community. >> reporter: nato is assuming full control of the mission today. >> james: the u.s. has spent about $550 million on the libya effort 60% 20 missiles, another 40 million over the next three weeks. coming out we're finding of the people were working on fixing the troubled new
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juror powerplant are now being admitted to the hospital. a live look at the james lick, on this wednesday morning is about 4:10 a.m. traffic is doing all right eric is keeping her eyes and a couple of things that might slow you down.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:11 a.m. we will wind up in store for today, to marlowe-made '80s. --will have a warmup in store for today low-made '80s. >> justine: now to the latest in japan, the president of the new killer power plant's utility has been hospitalized for dizziness and high blood pressure. radiation but will close big to more than 3000 times above normal. they're
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trying to avoid a meltdown by repairing broken power lines. until then water is being dumped on the plant's six over heating reactors. shortage of water parts from japan are heading north america, honda, it toyota. toyota wants its u.s. premiere davis to stop ordering more than two metric replacement parts because its word about them running out. if honda would cut down production starting today. since the earthquake and tsunami several automakers have been forced to cut production. >> james: president obama is preparing to outline his plans at a speech in georgetown university he said it's part of a broader wider as effort to focus on broader energy. it comes
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amid rising gas prices falling instability. gas prices have jumped more than 505 a gallon. a quick check, san francisco of average price $4.10, up oakland $4.40 san as a is a little higher. the national average is $3.59. >> justine: coming up peter has a little bit of a problem with the tenderloin. we'll tell you why. his live look of the bay bridge road plaza traffic is doing ok eric is back in 60 seconds with a look at the roads. righ.
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:14 a.m. a live look from our roof camera and they start to this wednesday hot temperatures are expected. a
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live look at tahoe this is interstate 80 where there is snow on the ground that had a lot of a fall last week. on lot of sunshine for you, speaking of which let's get the latest. >> louisa: get out your shades you will need it had to the beach in will be gorgeous. lots of sunshine potential out record- breaking heat starting off form, will continue warm it actually stays warm as we had through friday. we will start traffic here temperatures, getting them out to about 73 degrees today. we are still staying shy of a record. 76 oakland. will napa, if we hit 83 degrees we could actually break a record set about 10 years ago. same for santa rosa. san jose working its
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way up to 78 degrees over all really just a big warmup rid across the board. we will continue throughout the week. current temperatures, starting off form, 54 degrees for san francisco, 50 and centers that. south bay low 50s. we will continue with that he waived. next chance of rain saturday afternoon highs coming in into the 80s in most locations. 80 for concord, 75 richmond, 73 san francisco. the coast really close to the 70 degree mark 77 mountain view, 78 fremont. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay., very different forecast from last week temperatures expected to warm more than
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today made '80s. '70s around the bay, '70s at the coast. sunshine will continue rate anterior friday. the system working its way through could produce a rain sunday will dry up. we will continue to warrant the next week. eric r.? >> erica: the bridges lick it. bay bridge, a great conditions in the westbound direction just a few cars making their way to san francisco those leading lights are off. traffic flows freely from the insurer, westbound 580 as well as the northbound direction of the nimitz. good to go, no slowing. san mateo, nice, light of no problems to or from the bridge. drive time is just 14 minutes from end to end.
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all the bridges look good. bringing your attention to a problem spot, it will not expect too many of the commuters out there east bound, 580. the california highway patrol has three of the lane shut down this the aftermath of a high-speed chase. california highway patrol is conducting an investigation is some slowing on your screen. justine? we are keeping an eye on the bay area residents are met last night to ask questions to express concerns and form a game plan ahead of today's meeting. >> justine: what they're really concerned about is the safety of the week hillside. to date they will not their first meeting to hear from city, county engineers. learning the
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results of our report from assoil engineer who's been testing the hillside for safety. about 4 mi. away up in all parts of the hillside has given away. building inspectors are checking on this finding no such which is surrounded by homes. kron4 was alerted to review the problem of your e-mail. the homes around this letter nun immediate danger they will continue to monitor cells. you can see crews using as cooper to trying clear road. in hillsborough construction crews are working around the clock to
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stabilize a portion of the road. the hillside was so saturated it caused the road to sink 6 ft.. city officials hope another declaration of the state of emergency clears the way for disaster aid. last week flooding ravaged businesses, a mobile home park causing an estimated $17 million in damage. crews began repairing the rupture drain pipe that was responsible for the floods. many home, business on our say without state or federal aid they will not be able to rebuild. >> police and oakland are searching for three suspects were issues to are the kidnapping and assaulting a 14 year-old girl. the female victim was kidnapped from church street, she said she was driven to another location where she was sexually assaulted. she describes
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them as males, driving public will lexus. more to come. one was 4 years old, bald head, another a little taller, hundred tons, later, the third 20 year- old black hair, brown eyes. >> justine: a mother is under arrest in marin county for hosting a drunken party for 15 your son and his friends. they arrested 157 year-old carolyn handler on suspicion of child endangerment. when the deputies arrived at her home late friday night and they discovered a wild party with about 16 teenaged yes. officials say she was inside the house during the party under the influence of drugs and possibly alcohol. >> james: trains are running again after a bomb threat last night it was phoned in, the caller saying the explosive could detonate
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sometime between 6-7:00 p.m.. there was a train bound there was stopped oakland police searched the train they said they found no exposes. >> justine: the condition of the vacaville man after being blown up by this newspaper is improving slightly. police say the blast was an isolated incident. the victim remains hospitalized after having his right pinkie finger nearly blown off by a bomb wrapped up in the newspaper. >> james: we will take a break, much more straight ahead including our warm-up. we'll love of mine that. we'll be there are baseball by the bay special, a preview of the giants, the a's and a look ahead at spring training sunday april
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10th at 10:00 p.m. break here on kron4.
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babbitt >> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. 4:24 a.m. traffic is moving in and out fairly well. 54 degrees in san francisco. warming up below '70s this afternoon will get a lot warmer and a number of other spots. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. low-mid 80s today, tomorrow, may be
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cooling it off a little by saturday. a great looking forecast lots of sunshine. it is that rain that is causing this state's three- year drought may be over. jerry brown is expected to make the announcement today. the recent storms, heavy snowfall have lived reservoirs' at high levels. 159 percent of normal. >> justine: budget battle, and jerry brown is ending the budget talks. the move comes after leaders released a list of 53 demands that they want in exchange for their support of and a special election. brown wants a special election to ask california voters to extend temporary tax
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increases. as part of his budget deficit solution. >> james: wall street, stock futures are positive and that of friday's unemployment numbers. two reports to their being closely watched. on capitol hill the house voted to end the affordable modification program lawmakers critical said it does of support across. qantas airlines is dealing with higher fuel costs in the disaster by cutting growth, retiring aircraft, shedding management. >> justine: speaking of airlines we have new details of the report is getting passengers checked luggage to arrive on time. worldwide, a 29.4 million bags did not arrive on the same fivflight as their
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owners. european airlines led the decline. it plays to plan ahead a lease if you're flying with spirit, they added fees for travelers who want to pay for carry-on or a checked luggage within 24 hours of departure. travelers to wait or pay online are charged an extra $5. flyers to pay for care and early pay it $30 for carry-on if it doesn't fit underneath the seats. >> james: if you travel through an airport your policy one of those new full body machines. a new study finds kids are risks are very low, they're extremely low but they do exist. the creek body scans contrary less than 1 percent of the radiation dose adjust by flying a plane in the first
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place. a passenger should not fear this guinness. >> justine: coming up, a look at your weather for today. i'm pretty sure james has his bathing suit on underneath his seat so he can go to the beach. erica is keeping our eye on the hot spot, we will fill you in
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>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. quick look a couple of love shot and left bay bridge, on the right san mateo bridge it is dry, kind and nice, and during dry weather, warm temperatures. >> louisa: let's just leave early and go to the beach. here's a shot rang out at the bay bridge approach. oakland temperatures warmer than yesterday 51, when in seven days a high temperature 76 degrees. but
4:30 am
then the 55 played a clock. napa, temperatures warmer to start the day. here's the big warm, the numbers getting up to 73 degrees for san francisco concord, 80, upper '70's for san essay. interest at 83 degrees 83 also into napa. you will feel it today lots of sunshine we're warming about 12 degrees warmer than yesterday. same for napa, san as they. tender 31 up elsewhere. across the board will look are ready. 52 concord, no authorities this morning. you will not need to reject it. satellite, radar there bridge is really starting to build that will continue to bring us
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temperatures into the 80s. good-looking temperatures 83 in santa napa, 78. are on the bay mid-upper 70's topping our rigorous 79 in livermore 78 in san as they. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. and eyes looking for cast lots of sunshine stretching to the rest of the workweek. to mummied east. certainly looks like we're going to have a couple of a record- breaking days. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. come up big changes cool down a slight chance of rain that and spell your sunday. >> erica: a quick round up of a truck carries no hotspots idea of one problem spot which i will get to in just a second. for those of
4:32 am
you bay bridge westbound 80 easy conditions traffic flowing three freely. no back up in any of those lanes fast-track also moves well regardless of which approach her coming from no delays drive time of just nine minutes. salmon care bridge, west and 92 nice, light, no problems to report accidents, incidents free no problems getting to the bridge coming of the nimitz. kron like trojan about other traffic maps it is not in effect to many commuters it's in the east bound direction ring where meat northbound. three lanes to a shutdown in the aftermath of a high-speed chase the california highway patrol is conducting an investigation but the traffic along say those lanes should open any minute or so. still contending was some slowing. for those of
4:33 am
you think the road taking public transit we're problem free. james? >> james: thank you, road crews are still in the process of moving a mudslide that brought down dozens of trees. develop across two lanes of that road it happened early sunday, it's still a problem this morning. scores of people are stuck in their homes. >> reporter: a mass of mud slide shut down a portion of the road crews are still here trying to remove all of the mud, debris. cruz tell me will take them another two days to clear all of that debris. so far they've taken 80 truckloads, they say they police still up two-three more to go. >> justine: a hamas belied a
4:34 am
sliding home sites remain in danger. -- eat homes alight lighting hillside remain in danger. people were evacuated for homes have ready been damaged. city council declared a local state of emergency last may in an effort to receive disaster aid. jonathan bloom was there. >> a dialect called me, scared, crying, were going to get buried alive. >> reporter: ejaculated family's bid for assistance. the city's chief official says it is not finished moving. >> there is concern that it could worsen. it could let go. >> it has damaged four homes of the committing others at
4:35 am
least $2 will need to be torn down at the city's expense. >> is pushing on the back of the house causing the first, second floor to cave in. >> reporter: as workers move concrete barriers into place owners are making the city to step in. >> our homeowners association owns land so it is our problem. there's something wrong with this. >> i can't fix it, we have no intent hercules doesn't have the millions. by declaring a local emergency they've opened the door for state and federal money that could help the residents who bought homes they can live in and can't sell. >> to and have to leave my house and is everything? the one point i had equity they say now my house is worthless. this all comes at
4:36 am
a bad time the city of hercules and by some counts is on a burgeoning of bankruptcy. in hercules, jonathan bloom, kron4 news. >> james: city officials hope their declaration of a state of emergency clears away for disaster aid. it's caused an estimated $17 million in damage cleanup operations continue yesterday repaired a rupture during play. many hong, business owners say without aid they will be able to rebuild. one of the hardest- hit businesses was the thomas kincaid art gallery. kron turner shows us the damage. ---co-owner shows as the damage. >> 18 in. of water came through, what we're doing now they three is cutting
4:37 am
out the walls to dry at the steps. treat those to get any contamination out. this or is about 18 in. deep in water. we have a construction crew in year cutting their roots out all lot of pressure are work with the water coming up those of got soaked. the cameras is orange. the boxes from our where harris behind here to the left, they were floating into this area. this whole building was like a lake. >> james: he also show some of the damage award. full look beatings and other art starting campus near the floor there have some margin water there's the least a hundred works that have been
4:38 am
sold to straight. >> justine: barry bonds, big hitters took the stand on tuesday. they revealed new details about their own personal steroid use. they pointed the finger esteban his former trainer saying that he was their stores. >> reporter: professional baseball players entered the courthouse testifying how they met craig anderson bounced personal trainer and now he began sending packages of performance enhancing drugs. he gave details about how he received packages. he said anderson told them to use it all and he provided a calendar with specifics. he also said of anderson use them accordingly they would not show up of a drug test. his brother and a former
4:39 am
player talked at length. also on the stand was san conti the former giants player he talked about how bonn started having acne. he also talked about anderson and how he didn't want him in the club pros. when he went to management he did not receive a big key to keep him out. the trial resumes on wednesday with more baseball's players expected to testify. >> james: libyan rebels say opposition fighters are retreating along a coastal road leading to the capitol this after heavy shelling for kron4 is as loyal to gaddafi. the heaviest wednesday explosions were heard indicating a new wave.
4:40 am
neither has intervened with nearly daily airstrikes. target store opening is one step closer. monad in a minute. a live look in san francisco police and firefighters are on the scene of an apartment fire. live
4:41 am
>> james: welcome back to the kron 4 news. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. warm today, 83 degrees today, 85 tomorrow calling by the weekend into aol lines. sunshine and warmer temperatures of no way. >> justine: residents are not so excited about target coming to town. people are against the stronger morning. kron4 attacked people in your for and
4:42 am
against the new target. -- talk to people. >> reporter: they simply read and no target in san rafael. target has been looking to build a store near home depot but many downtown retailers say they do not want one. san rafael is trying to close the deficit of over 4 million target will bring in $700,000 a year in sales revenue downtown says it might be more than it's worth. >> they have the tendency not to play their benefits. they allow all lot of their employees to work under 20 hours so they have no benefits. which means our medical support system will be much more tax, our police force will have to go out there much more. the cost when you add that up the tax
4:43 am
base will be reduced. they add the city would lose money from things like parking meters. if the target star gets the green light the bayrestored be open in the summer. >> justine: san francisco will freeze the assets of first downtown store. oakland then in rebuild just opened a store on its border. developing story at the san francisco and apartment fire reported this morning kron4 is jackie sissel is giving us this live shot.
4:44 am
>> justine: welcome back to
4:45 am
the kron 4 news. new this morning firefighters on the scene at an apartment fire in san francisco. jackie sissel is live with the latest. >> reporter: their cues from the fire department are still of here. -- you can see fire crews are still about here. when they got inside they realize there was a kitchen fire. it was quickly put out. the damage was done. the building was evacuated. all the alarms were to correctly. one person transported to hospital with minor smoke inhalation. all of the folks are on the street rain now. the damage was contained to the one unit. officials are inside going to to make sure everything is safe, secure.
4:46 am
the majority of their residents are going to be allowed back in soon. as i said, the good news is even though it was started at 3:25 a.m. only one minor injury. the fire department will wrap up this seemed relatively soon. >> justine: thank you, we will turn now to weather. >> louisa: absolutely, we are starting about--we're talking about a pretty big warmup. into the afternoon he will not need that jacket. we could set some records to date we could continue setting records as we had to the next couple of days. as we had to the afternoon in looks like your eyes will warm up into the '70s. '80s. 73 san francisco. 76 oakland. napa
4:47 am
83, beating the old record of 82. san jose 78 degrees. santa rosa also breaking up old record set 10 years ago around 83 degrees. right across the board big war maps. currently are ready into the fifties. 51 oakland, hayward. satellite, radar shows the rich really building as it does we will continue with warm temperatures throughout much of the workweek. a system working its way in by saturday. temperatures are really cool down. for the rest of the were creek pretty pleasant. your afternoon highs, 78 in novato. 79 degrees in places like vallejo, fairfield. i
4:48 am
run the big mid-upper '70's. done in the south bay temperatures topping out in the upper '70's. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. an abundance of sunshine headed our way. saturday, it changes, the wet weather doesn't last long. the sunshine comes right back out again on your sunday. >> erica: it is pretty quiet, that is exactly how we like get no hot spots. bridge check, looking first at the approach to the bay bridge, a few more cars on the road making their way into san francisco. light traffic, no weight at the gate. drive time of 9 minutes from the foot of the mes. san mateo bridge, same story. a live look westbound
4:49 am
traffic still very light. we have not reached the peak of the commute those headlights coming at you east bound into hayward. no problems getting to the bridge from either direction. golden gate, southbound very good shape. crosstown freeways problem free, very quiet, a ghost town. no problems reported in the east bound direction to the lower deck. a quick problem on our traffic maps not affecting too many view but in the southbound direction of 19 we had an apartment fire that happened in the 3:00 hour, emergency crews including the fire department, police department still on the scene redirecting traffic. >> justine: thank you, sudden of death has been found in the presidio according to the examiner's report workers from the prom last october, scientists have not been able to
4:50 am
confirm it until recently since it has not spread. it's believed the trees works but affected but in 2000 and six. it is home to about 2-300 native coastland folks. new details about san jose's leashed block, the city council approved a shorter leash ordinance. that means owners will now have to keep their pants-- pet said on six-foot leashes. first-time violators get a warning second time allowed to pay $100 fine. yellow pages, stanford as chris porter supervisors postponed a vote that would reduce the number of yellow pages that are delivered. they want former legislation on the said betty. -- follow. there have been allowed of concerns that without the pages it would cause hardship for
4:51 am
small businesses creating job losses. >> james: pita 1 san francisco to change the name of that. called tenderloin. they want a more animal friendly name. it is right there, tucked in between market street. a gets a bad rap, it had a history deck drug use comer kron, p. davison thinks the name is to -- p. debt believes the name is to blame. if you're wondering what it means, it's a sorry food that it would be more comforting. >> justine: now, here is gabe slate, with some tech news. >> gabe: this is the new hot smart phone is the
4:52 am
thunderbolt. it's made by each team see for verizon it is their first four g smart phone. this phone is fast, i was surprised. invidious you loaded and played instantly. surfing the web was like surfing on a laptop. the i phone 4 left, thunderbolt right. the thunderbolt was faster. one- three seconds faster. the thunderbolt is like a big iphone. 49 3 in. touch screen. a runs on google interest. it was light weight. overall car was really impressed. it is really fast. it is their first four-g smart phone.
4:53 am
$250 as you know most only cause $2 the thunderbolt is $50 more. is it worth it? to me, i probably wouldn't. i was impressed. but that extra $50 that could rule of a lot of people from getting this done. gabe slate, kron4 news. >> james: we will take a break, let's go outside, give you a quick look as we go. a live look from mount tam, a beautiful start to this wednesday. it will be warm. more coming up in little bit. >> darya: >> mark:
4:54 am
4:55 am
>> justine: welcome back to the kron 4 news. the warm weather is finally here, it stays with us for the next couple of days. cooling down a bid by the weekend. james will take you to the
4:56 am
weather. are a couple of headlines to walk you through, lindsay lausanne has one less progress prosecutors have decided not to charge her for a fight during her rehab stint. at betty ford worker had accused her of attacking her. louganis are erasing grand theft charges for stealing and necklace. she rejected a plea deal setting the stage for a hearing set for april 22nd. bay bridge series continued in oakland. top of the second, a double to right, scoring, very easy does checked out, i swing, feel the wind. 5-2/3 innings for straight gets bottom of the sex, oakland san go to
4:57 am
right field three hits for the night. solo home run, to get a cap on the giants come monday when four-one. series concludes this afternoon. every bride dreams of a white wedding. this one took the word a little too literally. the other is the blood coming you can see your address. they got married in the middle of a snowstorm. it obviously did not put a damper on their celebrations. it is something they will obviously remember. kron4 is getting ready for baseball season. bart baseball special was so popular it will air again on sunday
4:58 am
april 10th. gary will phyllis in on what's happening with the giants and a's. the kron 4 morning news will be right back. hi. hi. you know i can save you 15% today if you open up a charge card account with us. you just read my mind. [ male announcer ] just one little piece of information and they can open bogus accounts, stealing your credit, your money, and ruining your reputation. that's why you need lifelock. lifelock is the leader in identity theft protection. relentlessly protecting your personal information to help stop the crooks in their tracks before your identity is attacked. protecting your social security number, your bank accounts, even the equity in your home. i didn't know how serious identity theft was until i lost my credit and eventually i lost my home. [ male announcer ] credit monitoring alone is not enough to protect your identity, and only tells you after the fact, sometimes as much as 60 days later. with lifelock, as soon as we spot a threat to your identity
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but only if you act right now. call now! lifelock service guarantee cannot be offered to residents of new york. >> darya: this morning, 5:00 a.m., top stories after weeks of rain record temperatures. take a look at the current 54 degrees. a high of 73 we'll have your neighborhood forecast in a minute. state of emergency declared in hercules. >> mark: we'll tell you what that means for the homeowners. another landslide traps dozens. >> darya: the perjury style of home run king barry bonds continues. >> mark: first a developing story firefighters are we are seeing of a fire. jackie
5:01 am
sissel is there. >> reporter: you can see crews are just now wrapping up the scene. the call came out all little before 330 this morning. when they got inside they discovered that it was a kitchen fire it was accidently said. they were able to extinguish it in only one to one alarm. you can see all of the residence were sent a out into the street. they say that only one minor injury occurred. see the patient was transferred to a local hospital is expected to be fine. i can tell you in the last 5-10 minutes of the residents were sent back into the building. it took them a while to get in there and make sure the building was safe but all the residents excluding the one resident whose apartment was
5:02 am
on fire were led back in. obviously, not a great way to start the morning. the good news is when you have these early morning fires it can be much worse that more on a minor injury. it looks like crews from the fire department are wrapping up the scene. >> darya: we told you have the record temperatures or going to come today. >> james: a live look from mount tam, looking back at san francisco a beautiful start to this day. it is a warm 12. bit warmer today, record-breaking heat. they will stay warm all the way through friday. cooling down by saturday great weekend ahead. let's take a quick look at were expecting. we could very well set some records today. san francisco's 73 the expected high. oakland also approaching its record 76.
5:03 am
napa could very well break its old record of 82 decrees. san as a getting close. santa rosa breaking its record. each screen for your high in santa rosa. it will be an nice warm day. -- 83. a quick look at where the temperatures are rain now low-mid-50s. 51 in oakland 51 redwood city. 53 san jose. the pacific, this is where we are seeing we're talking about a ridge of high pressure building. you can see some of the upper levels pouring. it will continue to intensify today, tomorrow. that will keep the storm to the north. nice, pleasant,,, a dry conditions. --, in july. 73
5:04 am
san francisco, 83 napa. 83 santa rosa. mid-upper 70's in the south bay. 76 oakland, 78 antioch, livermore, san jose. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. we will continue with the war trend for the next three days. looking good, afternoon highs in the '80s. we call it down come saturday. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: much better today than yesterday we're not starting the day with any hot spot. that is good news. bridge jet, the bay bridge, westbound light traffic to the toll plaza. now back up, no metering lights. no delays. all approaches or smith. san mateo, equally
5:05 am
good ride on the right side of your screen is the commute direction the headlights are very light coming from foster city. the interchange with 92 at 800 and 101 both look good. san francisco, both look good. james lick light traffic. no delays from the inbound central. jackie sissel is at the scene of the fire on city streets. and 19th and lawn. while there were some lane closures there is no longer a factor. he won't even be redirected. no delays just a little slowing. >> darya: thank you, i state of emergency is declared for homes and hercules these are homes that are threatened by a sliding hillside. from rome 70 been damaged, for
5:06 am
others evacuated. at least two of these homes in need to be torn down. at the city's expense before the hillside perch as one into the street. as workers moved concrete barriers into place owners of the remaining homes are begging the city to set in even though the landslide is not on city property. >> they say of homeowners association on to land there for it is our problem. >> i am pretty sure we up no intent to fix it. >> darya: fixing it would cost millions that hercules doesn't have. by declaring a local emergency they've opened the door for state and federal money. that could help them. the latest of morgan hill road crews are in the area to continue moving this massive slide
5:07 am
the brought down dozens of trees they fell across the two-lane road which is completely shut down. 80 residents are affected. some able to get to their homes using a fire road. all the residents pass the slide have no electricity using generators. there road crew is what trying to work as fast as they can to remove the pile of mud, trees come of debris. they can only work during the day because it is still unstable. so far they've removed 80 truckloads. capitola, officials hope their declaration of a state of emergency clears the way for disaster aid. last week of this flooding ravaged a mobile home park causing $17 million in damage cleanup operations continuing yesterday and into today. crews repaired the damage from bright. without federal
5:08 am
aid they will not be will to rebuild. >> darya: alive a carrot approach to the bay bridge which is an easy ride. we are talking about some record heat today. oakland, 51 degrees, oakland will see a high of 76 this afternoon. we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. .
5:09 am
5:10 am
5:11 am
>> mark: new developments at of libya rebel say opposition fighters are retreating rain now from a key oil part. this after they came under heavy shelling from ground forces loyal to gaddafi. planes flew over the zone. explosions were heard in the keating and new wave of air strikes against adelphi forces. having air strikes for the first time during daylight hours. they have intervened with nearly daily air strikes. the latest word this morning is the rebels
5:12 am
are retreating from three major cities. >> darya: japan, the president of the nuclear- power plant has been hospitalized for dizziness, high blood pressure. radiation levels have spiked near the damaged plant in nearly 3000 times above normal. workers are still struggling to prevent a meltdown. they're repairing a broken power lines once that's done the cooling system can be turned back on. until then water is being dumped on the six over heated reactors. another ripple effect since the earthquake, shortages of auto parts from japan are heading north american operations at honda and toyota. they want their u.s. car dealers to stop ordering more than two metric parts. it is worried about running out. honda will also
5:13 am
temporary cut production at the north american auto factory starting today. several other makers have been forced to cut production. >> mark: pierre de a live look at such an san jose, dark, a number out there this morning at 53 degrees. mid-70s, upper '70's for are high. upper 50s, warm weather expected to tomorrow. i gotta get to clevel! remove your belt, your watch, your shoes. i wonder what gas costs today. seven dollars for a pillow! an extra bag costs what? i hate traffic! ♪ [ child ] the train is now arriving. [ male announcer ] the train has arrived indeed. amtrak guest rewards members earn up to triple points this spring. details at
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>> darya: did morning, at thank you, for watching the kron 4 morning news. -- good morning. san mateo bridge nice, clear very quiet it is not a chilly morning that indicates what we can look for this afternoon. >> james: 1 i creek, concord one of are warmer spots expecting up near 80 degrees. it will be a warm
5:17 am
afternoon, let's run through what we're expecting. future cast 8:00, 50s, 60s on the bay. we've enhanced the clock towards noon, a lot more '70s. even a few eighties. as we get to the warmest part of the date 2- 3:00 a lot more eighties. north bay, east bay. also lynette's 680 corridor. -- 600 quarter. it is a warm day, this is what we'll expect today and tomorrow. it will be really nice for the next 48 hours. it will be a nice and mild even this evening. temperatures this afternoon, 73 degrees and
5:18 am
san francisco ab and concord. 83 and sarah said. slide the maps, 79 in morgan hill. 79 livermore. 76 in oakland. temperatures mild start, low 50s, 54 san francisco, 51 oakland. so here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. if we will keep this pattern through the end of the week. the friday looking for temperatures up near the afternoon. the cooling it down for the weekend. no rain in the forecast. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: good start to the commute, no hot spot. he is easy traffic. highway for both doing pretty good. nothing near what we had to contend with for yesterday. bridge check, bay bridge, westbound still very light traffic no problems on your
5:19 am
drive towards the toll plaza. the client, the span said the bridge pretty late. no problems. also true by the way for your trip across the san mateo bridge. you see the right side of your screen is still very light traffic even on the commute side heading over for the nimitz. the golden gate bridge ride is problem free, and no delays. their in the middle of configuring the bridge. we will take you to the sf bay, san jose a big hotspot with early accident here, nothing like that a much more normal traffic flow for the early morning hours that means a flight from san jose up to its plan a career. smith ride that of the coyote valley up towards the 280680 interchange. >> darya: this morning the perjury trial for home run
5:20 am
king barry bonds continues. the former outfielder is going to take the stand. he finished up yesterday's testimony by telling the jury he purchased turrets from bonds as trainer and good friend rick anderson. the first baseman for the colorado also when on the stand to testify about their steroid use that they also received from anderson. prosecutors are seeking to use the testimony of the three players in several more later this week to show anderson had access to such drugs and told the athletes of what they were and how to take them. the refinery word to alarm fire broke out has been cited by the city 10 times since october for a voter releases. -- older releases.
5:21 am
they've been fined for 19 violations over the past few years. it was designed in part to purify the oil found in service bays, car washes, garages so it can be reused. yesterday's fire injured one person. fellowship is investigating the fire to determine if anything could happen done. >> mark: police are searching for three suspects accused of kidnapping and assaulting a 14 year-old girl. it happened on monday. the victim reported being kidnapped, she then said she was driven to a location where she was a salted. she described the three male suspects as black men in a blue lexus. 140, a bald, another taller and a hundred pounds lighter. the third is described as 20, black hair, black eyes. >> justine: live to syria,
5:22 am
the president is addressing the parliament. on tuesday of fire and his intent. -- this is the first address since anti-government demonstrations erupted two years ago. soon the zero protesters outside, this speech that the president is given is considered a crucial test for his role and one that may determine a serious future. back to you. >> mark: thank you, and not of love and care as we have been watching conditions along the bay. san mateo bridge, not bad. getting ready for hey marcel, watch this!
5:23 am
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bounty. the one-sheet clean picker-upper. >> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. high as in
5:26 am
these for the warmest inland '70s around the bay, close to 70 coast. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. '70s at the beach. the best beach day tomorrow. we'll start to cool down on friday really warm. the bay cool down is on the weekend slate chance of showers. with all the rain and ipad the drought may be over. governor brown is expected to make an announcement today. the recent storms, heavy snowfall left the reservoirs' of very high levels. >> darya: state budget battle, governor brown has announced that he is ending budget talks. he said in a statement yesterday, he supports some of the reforms sought by the republicans.
5:27 am
the but, he said after progress was made on those issues, the republicans issued a much longer wish list including items not related to the budget. brown wants a special election to ask voters to extend temporary tax increases. president obama is preparing to outline his plans for u.s. energy security during a speech at georgetown university. the speech is part of our broader white house effort to focus on energy policy. this speech * what we're seeing rising gas prices fell in the instability in the middle east. gas prices have jumped more than 55 a gallon. -- 505. >> mark: the dow was up 8 terry yesterday, friday to reports will be watched closely adp is coming out with a payroll of reports in the cage of monthly job cuts. capital help the house
5:28 am
voted to end the home affordable modification program lawmakers critical say was not worth the cost. it has not been implemented well. austria's qantas is dealing with higher fuel costs and the disaster by cutting growth, retiring aircraft and shedding managers. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. are a big story is the big heat wave, it's a short he way but a good one. record temperatures today to mars going to be a hot one. a live look from our camera on mount tam you can see it's very clear the twinkling lights 47 degrees at the napa. napa is going to be 83 this afternoon. we will be right back.
5:29 am
5:30 am
>> mark: welcome back to the kron 4 news. a live look from the bay bridge, san francisco on the left. waiting for the warm-up. >> james: we were waiting
5:31 am
for this warmup for quite some time final year of live look, mild today. warmer temperatures are ready you might notice that when you head out the door. a quick look at the maps we're 4 degrees warmer this morning there were 24 hours ago 3 degrees warmer in oakland, 6 redwood city. already feeling the warm-up as you head out the door. he will feel it come this afternoon. are high is expected to be well into the upper '70's. going into a decrease. -- tony into 80 degrees. in any event are temperatures this afternoon will push the upper 70's, low 80s. 73
5:32 am
degrees san francisco, 75 richmond, 80 concord, 83 napa, concord, santa rosa. your quick check on where we're this morning. upper 50s for the most part, 54 san francisco and half moon bay. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. conditions warrant, 83 degrees. probably the maximum temperature. tomorrow warmer, getting up to 85. maybe starting to cool it down friday into saturday. justice system rolling through the may give us a slight chance of a sprinkler to. it does not last long by the weekend we warm back up today will be a hot one. record-breaking
5:33 am
temperatures coming up. now, here is a look at the traffic. >> george: that describes the situation there are no hot spots, it is a good morning. no problems. heat 0 ride looks good. soda's 101 bridge checked,--so does. your yousan mateo, is a good on, here's the ride on the approach heading in from hayward that's good. back from foster city doing well. 13 minute drive time. the red on the terrace, let's show it to you, this is the lower east shore freeway. traffic is moving pretty well headlights westbound that is the commute direction. golden gate, smooth, easy. they s
5:34 am
completed the lean switcher. view >> darya: sunshine come record temperatures today we still have problems from all the rain, road crews are still in the process of removing a mass of mud slide that brought dozens of trees down. they fell across the two-lane road shutting down completely this happened early sunday still causing problems this morning reggie kumar tulsa's people are stuck in their homes. >> reporter: cruiser stiller here trying to remove all the mud, debris that fell on top of the road. cruz time we'll take them another two days to complete all of the debris clearing so far they've taken a zero truckloads from this month slide. they say they probably still at 2-300 more to go. >> darya: as we keep an eye
5:35 am
on other problems, landslides, take a look at this residence in san pablo met last night asking questions to express concerns to perform help gain plan. the best game plan. they're concerned about the safety of the house side which is affixing six homes rain now today there will help their first meeting to hear from county engineers. to learn the results of a report from the soil engineers is contesting that hillside. just 4 mi. away here and in all part of the hillside is given away. the building inspector is checking up the hillside surrounded by homes. kron4 was alerted by of your e- mail. city engineers as the homes are not in immediate danger they will continue to monitor the stability. oakland hills, public-works continuing cleanup from mudslides. the crews using a
5:36 am
scraper to clean up the mud from the roads. according to public-works it brought down a total of 17 trees. >> darya: we will be right back with the kron 4 morning news, weather and traffic in just a few moments. nice sunny, warm day it is clear, mild as we started here in san francisco. 54 degrees 73 for the high.
5:37 am
5:38 am
5:39 am
>> mark: use your welcome back to the kron 4 news. watching temperatures to run the day. oakland, said they mid-upper 70's today upper 70's in land. close to record today even warmer tomorrow. >> darya: a live look at tahoe, this is snow-covered 80 east bound decking about. trekkers hector reckon that, it does not look like conditions are too fat. as no border is speaking out after a terrifying brush with death. he was out
5:40 am
snowballing when he suddenly slipped. the next thing he knows he's buried under heavy snow. >> everything went dark. i was sure i wasn't going to survive. >> darya: we have heard about skiers and borders deck he had a helmet camera on that was a shot from is coming camera. he was trapped under there,. what happened was it became a well. the forms so well weather hole forms with branches. they stopped the gap. the area gets covered, you cannot tell little. he managed to reach the cell phone in his pocket calling someone to save him. more than one hour later he was rescued. new details from a new report that says the airline slipped in getting
5:41 am
luggage to arrive on time worldwide 29.4 million bags did not arrive on the same flight as their owners. that is a 6% increase in loss to date. european airlines led the decline carry u.s. carriers saw a slight improvement. it plans to it pays to plan ahead if you're flying with spirit dave added fees for travelers to week to pay for carry-on within 24 hours travelers and who wait and pay online our church an extra $5. if you pare the phone it's an extra $10. flyers to play early pace propellers for carry on the what fit. >> mark: all of this talk about the body scanners, concerns had been raised. a new study finds the cancer risk is very low. the article in the archives of internal medicine said the
5:42 am
bodies can contribute less than 1%. passengers should not fear the scanners. >> justine: the story is that of this world, check out the first for about ever taken from the spacecraft orbiting the planet of mercury. this is the first taken by an orbiting spacecraft in 35 years. nasa released on tuesday it was taken from the messenger spacecraft that launched in 2000 and four. it just started orbiting earlier this month. that's how long it took. in this order, may be you can see the seven hemisphere, the south pole. a 50 mi. wide crater, a section of the planet that has never been photographed up close. it may just sort of look like a cover-up on your screen but that is a
5:43 am
picture of mercury nasa is expected to release more images to date >> mark: . thank you, we will be right back as the kron 4 morning news continues. we're watching temperatures for your neighborhood here's a live look from san jose 53 degrees looking for a high of 70.
5:44 am
5:45 am
5:46 am
>> darya: good morning, at peak off the roof camera. very mild start to this day. -- to that date. >> james: it means it's not raining. (laughter) >> james: let's break down and we'll see, the warming 10 today sunny, warm, low 80s. tomorrow will be the hottest day of their weak temperatures getting up to the mid '80s. that will be interesting, friday warm, beginning a cooling trend
5:47 am
will still get up and pelosi gis. that's the way the next three days shape up. a far cry from last week. henry dealing with overcast. rain our to-6 degrees warmer than 24 hours ago. -- right now. right now, upper 50s in the antioch. antioch is probably our warm spot. in terms of temperatures, starting enough mild. temperatures primarily in the '50s-'60s. and as we warm up a lot more '70s popping up. even some eighties. as to finance the clock, the hottest part of the day a lot more eighties particularly in the north bay. even out into oakland,
5:48 am
san jose could get close to the 80 degree mark. 9:00, only cooling in to the '70s relatively mild. a lot to look forward to today. temperatures, san francisco 73, 78 novato. warmer in napa. 83. haiti in concord, 78 in hayward. bentsen and all and all it will be a hot day. here is a look at your 7 day around the bay. the next three days looking to be warm cool it down squarely. >> george: good morning james, great commute under
5:49 am
way. you're driving around the bay area is likely to be much better than i was east bay. north bay. bridge check, westbound, still looks good. it is still not a problem. san mateo bridge looks good. volume has a rally built. you can see it's still moving smoothly. the right side of your screen that's the direction towards foster city. golden gate looks good, 101 from marin county they've completed the lane change. san as a, 101-northbound. yesterday this was an early morning hotspot not the case today. light traffic as you see here from the
5:50 am
guadalupe parkway. >> darya: one day after they found alexander you shocked her guilty jurors announced they deadlocked on a second count of attempted murder the judge declared a mistrial. they will now enter a second phase on monday to determine his sanity. i travel and an oakland man accused of ordering the murders of three people has been suspended to next week because a juror is sick. a juror has been on the stand to testify about how he was told to carry out to the killings getting that of
5:51 am
chelsea bailey. he said he was investigating the black muslim bakery which they own, this testimony will continue on monday. >> mark: oakland police chief anthony batts says he plans to stay in oakland he does have a three-year contract he says he's not looking for other work. a new radio system is being rolled out that's in compliance with national standards. they hope will be fully operational by june. >> darya: 70 look that has been found. workers found the problem last october. scientists have not been able to confirm the problem intel recently. --until recently. it is home tell us about 2-300 live oaks. >> mark: the new shorter leash law has passed. dog
5:52 am
owners have to keep their pets on a six-foot leash instead of a 20 ft. leash. post time violators will get a warning, hundred dollar fine for second violation. the vote was postponed reducing the number of yellow pages that were delivered in the city they want a formal study to be done before they put the legislation forward. phone books would only be delivered to residents or businesses who request them. >> darya: 5:52 a.m. we will be back with more on a couple of minutes, don't go away, a live look from our mount tam camera it is a beautiful shot, nice, warm, 50 degrees are ready. a high of.
5:53 am
5:54 am
5:55 am
>> mark: '80s inland today,
5:56 am
tomorrow, friday, '70s around the bay, '60s at the coast. 71 tomorrow, tomorrow is the nicest beached day. not that today though. start to cool down a bit as we hit the weekend slight chance of showers. 3 mi., warm days. bay bridge series continues last week, this time in oakland, top of the second, doubling over to right field, a score, that put standards as their 1-0. to the third, barry see on the mound, striking out. again showing 5-2 tear it, four strikeouts bottom of the six, godzilla, a single to right, three hits on the night. a show solo home run shot. this series concludes
5:57 am
this afternoon when it bought at&t park. kron4 is helping you get ready for the season that kicks off tomorrow we are rearing are baseball by the bay special. >> darya: 5:57 a.m. the sacramento it hangs are closer to moving to in my high -- and the time. -- in anaheim. lindsay lohan has one less legal problem to worry about she's been decided not to church and a stint in rehab for a fight, a betty ford worker to slow hand of attacking her. to party facing grand but that's charges from a necklace that she walked out
5:58 am
with. she rejected a clean deal setting the stage for a hearing for april 22nd. >> mark: bay area bargains moron those warm temperatures coming up. >> darya: i cannot wait. we are also on the scene of another fire in san francisco jackie sissel is there. kfc's $5 everyday meals. 5 meals, 5 bucks. choose from one of the colonel's favorites, like two pieces of original recipe. your choice of sides, biscuit and a medium drink, just 5 bucks. 5 freshly made today. 5 for 5 bucks every day. so why get a sub, when you can get a whole meal -- any day? today is a kfc day. and today tastes so good.
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